The independence of Tibet confirmed

IUSY World Congress? Resolution reaffirms Tibet as an independent state

 From Phayul, Tuesday, January 29, 2008

with comment.

 A resolution on Tibet adopted at the 27th World Congress of the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) reaffirms Tibet as an independent State and condemns the illegal occupation of Tibet by China.

  The resolution reaffirms the 5-point resolution passed during the IUSY Asia Pacific Committee Meeting held last year and, which, among others, accepts Tibet as an independent State and condemns the illegal occupation of Tibet.

  The three-day World Congress of the IUSY was concluded on Sunday in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Over 150 delegates from 68 countries, including Tibet attended the World Congress. The Congress was inaugurated on January 25 by Miguel Vargas Maldonado, one of the top candidates of the Presidential election of the Dominican Republic to be held on May 16, 2008.

  Tsewang Rigzin, President of the Tibetan Youth Congress, the largest Tibetan non-governmental organisation in exile, represented Tibet at the IUSY?s World Congress.

  The agenda of the Congress was "People in Movement". Accordingly, a six-page report titled, "Tibet: The need for a Greater Movement" was presented to the Congress by Mr Tsewang Rigzin.

  Following resolution on Tibet was passed by this World Congress with the support by an overwhelming majority:

  While reaffirming the 5-point resolution adopted during the IUSY Asia Pacific Committee Meeting held in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, last June, XXVII IUSY World Congress further:

  1. Demands the abandonment of China?s population transfer policy in Tibet (that violates the UN Atlanta Charter), which threatens the very survival of the Tibetans and promotes ethnic assimilation in Tibet.

  2. Strongly condemns China?s sinister marginalization policy in Tibet that results in the eventual forced eviction of the Tibetan people from their land, house, job and the hometowns.

  3. Urges upon the government of Nepal to revoke the policy of repatriation of the Tibetan refugees fleeing Tibet and provide a safe passage for the Tibetans fleeing prosecution and repression from the Chinese Government in accordance with UN Refugee Conventions.

  4. Calls on the Government of the People's Republic of China for the immediate withdrawal of the so-called Order no 5, China?s new regulatory measures for recognition of reincarnations of Living Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism and stop violation of religious freedom in Tibet.

  5. Calls on the PRC government to immediately cease all practices of sending 'work team' to the religious institutions for carrying out the ' Patriotic Re-education Campaign'.

  Resolution 1 on Tibet was objected to by one of the delegates who said Chinese should be allowed into Tibet and also stated, ?Dalai Lama wants a monastic state?. However, the objection was clarified by the Tibetan delegate saying the objection was unsubstantiated and further informed the Congress of the fact that ?Tibetans already have a democratic government in exile in India, and will have a democratic government when Tibet regains its Independence from China?.

  IUSY was founded in August 1907. It is an international movement of youths struggling for democratic socialism, freedom, human rights, equality, democracy and international solidarity. IUSY World Congress is held every two years and, IUSY World Council and IUSY Asia Pacific Committee Meeting are held annually.




The probably most insane part of the Chinese Tibetan policy is what is touched upon in point 1: the ethnic inundation of Tibet by Chinese, to a climate and altitude which they were not physically made for, while at the same time 130,000 Tibetans are driven into exile in low countries the climate and weather conditions of which neither they were made for.

That China during its 60 years of occupation of Tibet consciously and systematically has actively worked for destroying the whole Tibetan culture and identity by demolishing 6246 monasteries and temples, schools and institutions, while after the death of Mao only 10% of these have been restored for the sake of tourism, are already too well known facts to be worth repeating, as well as the genocide committed on a fifth of the whole Tibetan people.

The mass sterilization of Tibetan women and mothers and the organ export of ?already doomed prisoners? (most commonly Falun Gong practitioners forcibly hospitalized in psychiatric asylums) for the most lucrative export abroad to foreign hospitals, are rather questions that concern all people suffering under the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and not just the Tibetans.



The war of madness on good sense




This cannot pass unnoticed.

It is too blatant in preposterous absurdity.

It is too over-obvious and can never be defended.

Mrs Bhutto wanted peace and sense to rule in Pakistan

and therefore was assassinated by a suicide bomber.

Can it get more sick ?

the state of fundamentalists and terrorists,

the fanatism of psychopathic paranoia

waging holy war against a woman

just because she was a woman of some influence,

a blind attack on all the values of civilization,

justice, reason, sense, constructivism and education

only to enforce dictatorship intolerance

and backward brainwash unto death at any cost.

And this was not the first time.

The same brute force was launched in Burma

against peaceful demonstrants

who only asked for what was reasonable

also led by one courageous and heroic woman

who has been imprisoned for some sixteen years.

In China this war of insanity against good sense,

against all human rights, against suppressed Tibetans

and against the perils of philosophy and Buddhist wisdom

has been going on for sixty years

and still not tires in its efforts to exterminate

the freedom of the human mind and thought and conscience

and the life and culture and the history of the Tibetan nation.

They will never tire, all those mad dogs of barbarity

in their efforts to annihilate all sense

and beauty that excels their own,

and they will never learn, the miserable bastards,

that they never will be able to succeed.



Vanvettets krig mot förnuftet


Det kan ej passera obemärkt.

Det är för skriande i sin absurda överdrift.

Det är för övertydligt och förblir för alltid oförsvarligt.

Hon reste hem till Pakistan för att få fred,

demokrati och sunt förnuft i landet

och blev därför mördad av en självmordsbombare.

Kan det bli mera sjukt, ett sådant tillstånd

av förtvivlad fundamentalism och terrorism,

en psykopatisk paranoias fanatism,

som krigar mot en kvinna

bara för att hon är inflytelserik som sådan,

en blind attack mot alla civilisationens värden,

rättvisa, fönuft, konstruktivism och utbildning

och blott för att forcera etablerad diktaturs intolerans

med hjärntvättsbakåtsträvande till döds till vilket pris som helst.

Och detta var ej första gången.

Samma blint brutala maktspråk fördes nyligen i Burma

emot fridens demonstranter

som blott bad om självklarheter,

också ledda av en modig och heroisk kvinna

som har hållits fängslad nu i mer än 16 år.

I Kina har det galna kriget mot förnuftet,

mot mänskliga rättigheter, mot förtryckta tibetaner

och mot faran av buddhistiskt sunt förnuft och dess filosofi

nu förts i sextio år och fortsätter med syndens envishet att föra kampen

krampaktigt mot samvetsfrihet, tankefrihet och yttrandefrihet

och emot all tibetansk identitet, historia och kultur.

De tycks aldrig tröttna, alla dessa galna hundar av okunnighet

i sina fåfänga försök att krossa allt förnuft och skönhet

som begår det brottet att de överstiger deras egen,

och de lär sig aldrig, dessa miserabla uslingar,

att de ej någonsin kan lyckas.



A Tibetan's Voice,
by Thupten Tendar,

and a poem. 

"As a Tibetan refugee, I'd like to give my perspective on our dying nation. Historically speaking, Tibet was led by kings, lamas and others based on the law of "Ten Virtues" and the 16 human principles, introduced by King Songtsan Gampo in the seventh century. I am not claiming that Tibet, prior to 1950s, was free of any conflict. No part of our world was. However, the ruling communist party has afflicted the brain of many non-Tibetans with its baseless propaganda by teaching fabricated history classes. So I, being a refugee with a parent who survived our genocide and diaspora, have a personal responsibility to make people understand Tibet properly.

Upon the Chinese takeover, thousands of monks, including my own uncle in Kham, were dragged off their meditation cushions and beheaded for nothing else than being a monk. The only allegation Mao Tse-Tung and his army made against these men was that they were monks practicing their religion, which the communists believe is poison to a society. The lay communities in Tibet pay their highest respect to the ordained people. They consider it a great honor for their son or daughter to join a monastery or nunnery because of their own faith. They rejoice in the spiritual community. Anybody who tries to break this relationship doesn't understand Tibet and the Tibetan spirit properly.

My mother ran into exile with her mother and two sisters. She barely made it to India. She was separated from her mother and sisters, and to this day has never heard from them again. They might have been killed by the so-called liberators, buried under snow or dead of hunger.

More than one million Tibetans were heartlessly killed by those who some people still claim were bringing liberation and prosperity to Tibet. If the real purpose of their invasion is for development of Tibet, then why did they divide it into many new parts and rename them in Chinese? Why did they destroy the Tibetan ecology, which caused deadly floods in China? Why do they choose their own version of the Panchen Lama and claim the right to select the future reincarnations of Tibetan lamas - even as they decry religion? Why do they build prisons and military bases rather than hospitals and schools? How can the words "freedom and democracy" appearing on Google, Yahoo and other websites hamper their mission development? Why are they afraid of dialogue with a figure of peace? Is the free media really harmful to growth and modernization?

I don't hate China. I appreciate most of my Chinese brothers and sisters for being nothing but warmhearted, courageous and compassionate toward me. But the Chinese occupation of Tibet was the first time in more than 2,000 years of Tibetan history that so many people were massacred in the region. Hundreds of thousands of Tibetans had to flee their homeland to become refugees. Our basic human rights were snatched away. They say communism brought peace and prosperity to Tibet. Sorry, we don't need any such blessings!

Thupten Tendar"

Tibet - a poem

And can we stand by and just look on?
6246 monasteries and temples
robbed and ruined and destroyed,
a fifth of the whole population murdered,
hundred thirty thousand forced into exile
and about 3000 fleeing every year
across the mountains over passes of 6000 meters,
a civilization and a culture deliberately devastated
by an occupying atheist autocracy
continuing enforcing violent oppression to this day,
now 58 years of colonization by brute force,
destruction, brainwash propaganda
and enforced materialism and atheism.
The Chinese Communist regime is kowtowed to
by all the business world for its economy
while therefore politicians also crawl
to that most dreadful rotten empire of lies,
an outward face all smiles,
an inward face all cruelty, deceit and power greed.
It started off Pol Pot, manipulating him
to run the holocaust regime of poor Cambodia,
it gave to Pakistan its nuclear potency
and served both sides of Nepal's civil war with weapons,
it is maintaining Burma's military inhumanity
of drug monopolies of heroin and total tyranny,
and what else? The ruins of Tibet
if anything cry out forever
against cruelty and atheism as the ideology
of the most corrupt communist regime in history - of China.

about music...

"I have been working very hard primarily with music and recordings ever since I came home, and there have been lots of problems, especially practical ones, and even M. has had problems with his technical apparatus, which hasn't always worked. But now my first 8 ballades (out of 18 in total so far) are available on the web in mp3. The recordings are not implicitly perfect technically, but at least they give you an idea of the music.


Life in music is a kind of imprisonment but at the same time a liberation from the world stuck with the horrors of realism. We need them both but have the better one to be able to support with the one that causes us problems...



Our world

Ours is a world of beauty

so much finer than the ordinary world

of strife, vulgarity and commonness,

of egoism, shortsightedness and vanity,

while ours lasts forever

gilded by the harmony of unsurpassed nobility

of the refinement and idealism of abstract triuth

as found by geniuses like Handel, Beethoven, Chopin

and Brahms, a higher world of thought

than any brutal realism, and actually

a truer world than any real one.

Since we know the key and have it,

let's just stick to it and keep it

and forget about the rest,

that keeps committing all their follies

on the road to self-destruction

better without us,

who are reserved for better purposes

than just the ordinariness of vanity.


Music link:


The bombings in Karachi...

139 victims - for what?
They tried to kill a woman
coming home after eight years of exile,
engaged some willing suicide bombers
who would do anything to upset
the peace process of Pakistan
towards democracy, law and order
and obstruct any effort
of reconciliation between the military and democracy,
trying to kill off all possibilities of co-operation at once,
for the glory of fundamentalism, anarchy, the Talibans
and terror, while they only killed themselves
and brought with them 139 innocents,
women and children, old people and civilians
and anyone who just wanted to say welcome
to the mother of the nation coming back.
It's not politics. It's fundamental mass suicide
hitting islam at its roots
by using violence in aiming at the contrary
which always boomerangs
and kills the future
instead of building it.

Burma - another Tibet

Burma - another Tibet


(with some tribute to Aung San Suu Kyi)


My lady, bravest in the world,

who never really wanted to become a politician

but preferred to stay with flower decorations and to play the piano,

you were only two years old when your great father was assassinated,

who gave Burma independence and democracy with British blessings

and was murdered by the enemies of peace and of democracy,

who have controlled the country practically ever since

and ruthlessly, since 1947, sixty years of military tyranny

and, as in all dictatorships, of total limitless corruption,

they today maintain the main monopoly of heroin in south east Asia,

which provide them with enormous fortunes while the people starve,

their military power being backed up by the communists of China,

without which, most probably, the nation would long since have been

a prospering democracy. Instead, the younger generation is kept down

by drugs, two thirds of all drug addicts being positive with HIV

with no financial means or possibility to even test themselves;

which means that Burma probably, because of the dictatorship,

has the worst Aids statistics in all Asia. Half of all the heroin

that reaches USA, Australia and America

is manufactured in "the golden triangle" of Burma,

Thailand and Laos, which the military governors of Burma

naturally has supported, since it stabilizes their position,

so that the production keeps on doubling.

So the people protest, and the military shoot them

for the safety of their heroin financial empire

and their extreme blindfolded limitless corruption.

China, by the way, is also chief supporter of Robert Mugabe.



The Theatre Conference

 A presentation and illustration of a plausible theory of how the Shakespeare set-up was fixed and why.


The Theatre Conference


present :


Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford

Francis Bacon

Christopher Marlowe

Ferdinando and

William Stanley, future earls of Derby


an invited guest


The conference takes place towards the end of May 1593.



Copyright @  Christian Lanciai, September 2007.



Oxford   Well, however shall we solve this problem? I refuse to meddle with it myself.

Bacon Let me remind you, that you started the whole thing, dear cousin. You can't deny your responsibility.

Oxford  And why the hell did you have to get into such a brawl with the authorities, Kit? You could have had a splendid career as the head of the whole theatre venture, if you hadn't made so many rogues your enemies.

Marlowe They picked a quarrel with me. I didn't ask for it. I didn't invite Bradley to duel with me. I didn't provoke the Flushing trouble. I did nothing to start archbishop's Whitgift's inquisition.

Oxford  If anyone asked for trouble, you did! You with your pamphlets against the whole Anglican church!

Marlowe I was never caught. No one knows it was me.

Bacon  But your atheistic lecture was still somewhat over the top, Kit. You knew very well that no authority in this country would have tolerated anything like it, since all authorities with the crown and Queen on top depend entirely on the Christian faith for their positions.

Marlowe  That's why I gave the lecture clandestinely and only to the happy few.

Bacon  But you must have been aware of the nature of rumours how nothing can check them.

Marlowe  Isn't that what our whole activity is all about? Isn't everything we do 'in secret'? Haven't you,  Sir Edward, written every single play of yours and had it produced 'secretly'?

William That's in many ways our very dilemma, that we are always compelled to hide underground with our enterprise. But a worse dilemma is that the authorities are after you, Kit. We must get you out of the way somehow.

Ferdinando He can easily find refuge with our Catholics up in Lancashire.

William  It's not enough. The authorities headed by Whitgift want him dead together with the heretic, traitor and spy John Penry.

Marlowe  Who is innocent.

William  That's not the point. They will hang him.

Marlowe  Is it utterly impossible to snatch him out of the gallows? I knew him well. We shared the same criticism against the Church. We were fellow students. I always appraised him greatly.

William  I am truly sorry, but it's completely impossible to save him. Father has spoken with both the Queen and Burghley. Whitgift craves his life.

Ferdinando  What about the following scheme. Let's take care of Penry's body after the hanging and let it pass as Marlowe's. In that way we can save Marlowe from the inquisition peril by having him publicly declared dead.

William  It's risky. Afterwards no one must whisper a word about that he lives, and he can never again use his own name.

Bacon  We simply have to protect him and garantee his safety with an obligation of total silence.

Oxford  We are still stuck with the basic problem. Whatever shall we do with all the plays, if not even Marlowe can head them with his name? My name is out of the question, as are yours, Ferdinando and William, since we are nobles. Bacon is involved with the government, so his name can't be used either. You were the perfect playwright, Kit, and could have taken care of all our plays and given them a classical status, and then you get denounced by one of your fine friends for atheism, coining, homosexuality, blasphemy and all the worst crimes in christianity just because you can't shut up but have to boast your intelligence and controversial ideas to give any informer the chance to report the worst possible about you to the highest authority of the realm! From having been our greatest hope you have turned into a total disaster, Christopher Marlowe!

Bacon Take it easy, cousin. Don't be so theatrical. You have got into various trouble spots yourself in your heyday and constantly been banished from court for that reason. You survived only because you were of the country's most ancient nobility.

Oxford  But we have a problem on our hands! We can't continue our theatre activities with its fantastic expansion potential without a single marketable name!

William  We have Chapman.

Oxford  That old fogey!  A mouldy academician! No one takes him seriously as a poet. He is only a good as a translator.

Bacon  I have another idea. I happen to know a young ambitious theatre amateur from the country, who has escaped from home from a considerably older wife with some too hastily conceived children, three of them, who has come to London to try his luck. He is simple but honest and a splendid reciter. I have heard him. He could take on any part.

Ferdinando  You suggest that under his cover as a theatre enthusiast, Marlowe could continue writing plays and go on working on the old ones?

Bacon  I have tried the possibility carefully and found it workable.

Oxford  Who is this amateur player? He mustn't be stupid, he must be perfectly reliable and be able to sustain whatever part we give him to play, he must be able to keep up appearances under any circumstances.

Bacon  He is quite reliable since he is a shrewd business man. He knows the importance of silence when it's best for all.

Willliam  Would it be possible to see him?

Bacon I have actually asked him to come here for you to make his acquaintance, if it would please you.

Ferdinando  You must be prepared to give up your name, Kit, to let another carry your plays.

Marlowe  What's a name? Sir Walter Raleigh has consistently refused to put his name under anything he has written.

Oxford  He is not alone. Almost all of us did the same.

William  Pity he couldn't be here with us today.

Bacon  He knows what's going on. I keep him informed.

Oxford  So may we meet this intriguing helper?

Bacon (rises and opens a door)  Please enter, William Shakspere.

(A man enters of clear eyes and open brows, his character giving a clear impression of confidence, honesty and reliability.)

Oxford  So this is our man. Do you know what it is all about?

Will (to Marlowe) Your plays are outstanding, Kit Marlowe, and I regret that you can't carry on your activity. I will gladly offer you my name, if it means you can continue writing for us.

Marlowe  You seem to be one of those rare persons I could easily co-operate with and trust.

Will  I will be at your service out of gratitude for your art.

Ferdinando  The case seems to have cleared. 

William  Yes, I think we have solved the problem.

Bacon  Then we just have to get started and organize the transition. We have to inform the Queen and have her with us. You must convince your father, Ferdinando and William, to persuade the Queen. She will have to provide a suitable coroner to take care of the formalities. Marlowe's death must become irrefutable.

Oxford  This is a better intrigue than any of our plays.

Bacon  Maybe it will be staged one day.

Oxford  After my death in that case, and after we all have passed away. We commission Marlowe to write any play except that one.

Bacon  What about it, Marlowe? Are you on?

Marlowe  Of course.

Bacon  Anyone against? Master Shakspere?

Shakspere  If only the production of the plays may continue I am sure the enterprise must be exclusively successful.

William  Can we count on the Queen?

Oxford  She loves the theatre. She can't do without it.

Bacon  You are perfectly right, cousin. No one is more certain for our safety than the Queen, since the theatre is developing into the formost propaganda instrument of our government.

Ferdinando  Then we are all agreed. Thank heavens for that! You'll manage, Marlowe! (gives him  an encouraging slap)  You can continue the dramatization of the war of the roses in more peace and quiet than ever.

Marlowe  That's all I desire: to be able to continue to work in peace.

Oxford That's a common interest to us all.

Bacon  The conference is over.

(They break up under more relaxed and relieved auspices.)




This effort to reconstruct the set-up of Shakspere is firstly based on the fact that Bacon was the only one among the Shakespeare candidates who had definite connections with the Shakspere family of Stratford.


Of course, it's only a speculation, but it fits the pieces we alredy have of the Shakespeare puzzle, constituting and sketching some possible missing ones.


Regard it merely as a theory and just another contribution to the ocean of Shakespeare speculations and theories.






The poisoned Falun Gong practitioner

So far 800 cases like this have become known.



The poisoned Falun Gong practitioner:



I don't know what they do to me.

I have been here now for I don't know how long,

but I am not alone at least.

We are a number in this concentration camp,

but I don't know how many,

since I cannot count correctly any more.

I don't know why they make us invalids

unfit for work, disqualified for anything, -

perhaps to show the world how dumb we are,

as if the world would close their eyes to what we were before

we were sequestered, isolated and imprisoned

just for sticking faithfully to universalism,

the association with the cosmic mind

in Lao Tzu's and Buddha's imitation,

which for some strange reason the authorities

decided to have us exterminated for;

but I must say their methods are peculiar.

We are loaded, force-fed with destructive drugs,

we don't know which, they put them in our food,

or they inject them into us by force,

so we become like vegetables,

losing the control of our bodies,

of our mind and memory,

our faculty for analytical and logic thought,

our will to reason and our energy to live,

while at the same time we of course become unfit for work

and merely exist as zombies, lying dying in our beds,

like wrecks but wrecked on purpose,

why? Because we had free minds?

Believed in something better,

stuck to our cultural traditions,

aimed for some religious higher meaning of our lives?

I just don't understand why our authorities

insist on undermining and destroying

everything that shows a different path

from the established lies of their dictatorship,

as if that was a sensible activity,

which no one in the world can see

how it could lead to anything except destruction.




The Crying Tree


A true story



It was a lady who told me the story.

She was staying in a house out in the country

with an ancient giant oaken tree quite close

with branches stretching over it

and roots down deep under the basement.

She found difficulty sleeping in this house,

and gradually the aches began in all her limbs,

which she could not explain,

since there was nothing wrong with her.

No sleep, and aches all over,

unexplainable, and then a total sadness

that just made her cry for nothing

while the pains increased intolerably.

Suddenly she realized:

it was that old tree affecting her.

Her female empathy had found communion with the tree,

which recently had had two giant branches cut,

which now the tree was seized with anguish for,

in pain trying to heal and not to bleed to death.

The tree was something like three hundred years of age,

and at that age to have some amputation is no easy matter.

Trees are human, and their DNA is close to our own.

It has been proved, that when some trees are cut down in a forest,

it is felt by other trees and even trees as far away

as in the very other end of that same forest,

which is like an organism and a community,

where all the trees co-operate communing with each other.


That was something about trees, their sensitivity and human feelings,

and about the fact how actually it hurts in all Dame Nature

when they are cut down.


Marlowe and Shakspere



I cannot help it, but in those dramatic lines

for centuries now published under Shakspere's name

I keep on hearing Marlowe's mighty line,

as if behind Macbeth and Hamlet, Julius Caesar and Othello

there was Tamburlaine behind them all at bottom,

buried deep but never dead

in ever resurrected unsurpassed consistent cruelty,

a theme recurrent constantly in Marlowe

in the Jew, the duke of Guise, the fate of Faustus

and poor royal Edward; buried to the triumph of the boring Puritans

obscurely atheistically and anonymously whisked away

to be replaced by Shakspere's chastized mollified modification

without controversial stuff but with the poetry triumphing

over death and vanity the more in booming verse

in straight continuation from the drama launched by Marlowe.

Well, it has been proved that Marlowe was in difficulty

seriously accused of atheism and homosexuality

and other controversial stuff most insolently published by himself,

like pamphlets against church and order and an atheistic lecture,

which would mean, if he did not abscond,

then he would certainly be executed.

Now his death appears as the most masterfully staged

of all Elizabethan plays, a well concealed intrigue performed obscurely

just to make a show of a most controversial poet's demise

for the obvious purpose to just let him be, remain alive

and go on with his work, but under cover, for security.

Thus Shakspere enters as a mediator

for the continuity of Marlowe's drama, although modified,

to let it grow in ever more astounding glory

in its mighty lines on stage

to never die, like Macbeth, Hamlet and Othello,

Julius Caesar and the mighty Tamburlaine the great,

most threatening and most immortal menace of them all.


The ten commandments of pantheism

found this by chance and thought it worth while noting down...


The ten commandments of pantheism

There is only one God, and he is every god.

All life is sacred, and thou shalt not abuse it.

Rest from stress whenever you can.

Thou shalt respect and tolerate the faiths, beliefs and religions of others.

Killing any living being is always murder.

Love is all, but don't abuse it.

The only thing that really can be stolen from you is your life, which is just a loan anyway.

Truth will always prevail, and lies will never last.

Respect your neighbour and what he values in life.

Life is universal and everywhere, to be respected, recreated and maintained.

The Rainbow Warrior

He is the hero of our time
but rather careful and discreet,
does not take any risks
while he is certain of his case,
that he is right and fights for all the good
there is at all in this decrepit world,
defending everything worth living for.
He fights for Greenpeace and Tibetans,
demonstrates for peace and tolerance,
has nothing with dogmatic bigotry to do,
believes in immortality, reincarnation and the soul
of every living thing and being
and defends above all life in all its forms,
hugs trees and plants them,
chases whalers down and off from all the seas,
is not political but more environmental
and crusades more underground and more efficiently
appearing as concealed in his activities
as captain Nemo and as purposeful.
You find him everywhere, he is increasing
in efficiency and numbers of both sexes,
and wherever you will recognize him
you will know him (or her) as a friend.


How could it happen,
that most dreadful scandal in our modern history
and in a qualified democracy!
They didn't just elect him and enthrone him,
that most ignorant of presidents,
who never had been travelling abroad,
who never had much of an education,
never studied history
and hardly ever read a book,
a former alcoholic cheated into office,
and they re-elected him!
They covered up the whole environmental research
that the previous administration had painstakingly procured
with all the clear resulting indications of the global warming going on,
the Bush administration made a cover-up of it
to not disturb financial interests,
to keep up the oil business as usual
burying their oistrich head into the sands
for short-sighted pecuniary profits
at the expense of the planet.
What a loathsome leader of the world!
Investigating this felonious racket,
Watergate and Irangate appear as innocent soap bubbles,
while the Brits misguided by that Blair
just bought it all and fell flat for that racketeer and con man,
tricked into a booby trap by phoney greedy hustlers.
Such deceivers of mankind can never be forgiven
or forgotten, like the 20th century dictators
Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot,
the mad seducers and destroyers of humanity,
the rogues of history, whose gallery unfortunately
never has been stopped from being constantly expanded
by those criminals, adventurers and crooks
who mask themselves as politicians.

Christmas message

A difficult year




In brief, I have never worked harder than this year,

and although much was accomplished, much was left behind,

and much remains to be completed.


A tough year is getting tougher,

and the more so the more it approaches its end.


There were also many disasters, especially natural ones,

but let’s not talk about them,

since there will probably be worse to come.


One of my shortcomings was that the laboratory has not processed half of the films from my latest Himalayan treks (in November), possibly they are lost,

but, like of everything, there is still hope;

but these pictures (above all from Himachal Pradesh)

I have consequently not been able to provide for my lookers on the web.


Here, at least, are my major sites and links,

for anyone who wants to take part of my life as projected into cyber space

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Political murders


A secret Russian agent is in London poisoned

in the old way of the KGB by radioactive means,

which only superpowers have the means of;

but that Russia, which alone was motivated to the murder

does of course deny it, as did Putin when the journalist of civil courage

Anna Politkovskaya was murdered

shot down in the elevator of her home

with no less than five mortal bullets

in the ordinary mafia style,

which murder also only Russia could have any motive for.

Things don't look any better

as the murdered London agent Litvinenko

was investigating the aforesaid murder

of the lovely Anna Politkovskaya;

but Putin and the politicians reason with some realistic cynicism:

"Who cares? Who has the energy and time to bother

when the world goes down the road to ruin anyway

by aids, catastrophes, malaria, TBC,

the global warming and ever increasing floods?

We can afford to overlook some small politic murder,

one or two, a dozen or another

since they must be soon forgotten anyway

and disappear in the most boring usual flow

of normal global catastrophical statistics." 

The Exile

Dharamsala, November 20th:

The Tibetan poet Tenzing Tsundue, exile from Tibet in India, has been placed under house arrest to prevent him from protesting with other Tibetan exiles while the Chinese president Hu Jintao makes his three days visit here...

The Exile

Driven hard across the snows
over the pass in wintry mountains
with frost-bitten feet and corpses on the way
shot brutally to death by occupation soldiers
or just stranded in the snows in freezing death,
old people, children, mothers, victims of all kinds;
thus suffers the whole nation
driven out by brainwash propaganda
and enforcement of autocracy,
thus turning a whole people into prisoners and exiles
in the country they themselves had built
and turned into a unique culture of philosophy,
respecting life above all and tradition
with a wonderful flourishing sense for ceremonies,
pompous, colourful and solemn
as the perfect ordered party going on forever;
until brutal unhumanity broke in with force and hate
intentionally wiping out a culture of two thousand years
destroying six thousand and forty-six monasteries and temples
out of six thousand and fifty-nine
and burning manuscripts, hand-written books,
three fifths of all the libraries and treasuries of literature,
- and why? For sheer stupidity, the joy of violence,
the glory of destruction and the rape of beauty?
For the triumph of the opposite of culture,
human dignity, nobility, humanitarianism, compassion
to let evil with voluptuousness replace all virtue
and all man's constructive efforts?
The dictatorships and mad rapes of politics in the 20th century
has turned the cultural protectors, humanists and lovers
into exiles in this world of barbarism and cruelty;
and it goes on, the rape of beauty by barbarity,
not only in Tibet but everywhere
by blind and brutal brainwash from the media and politics
through the carelessness and greed and ignorance of mankind.


Other poems at:

Himalayan realism - from the traveller's diary

The turning point of this journey was on the 11th, when suddenly the weather changed, and even the most experienced trekker here has never met with anything worse. I was then in north Sikkim, it was not as bad as on November 9th 1995, when there were disasters all over the Himalayas and 14 people perished on Mount Everest, but almost next to it. Now everyone is suffering from brutal colds, with running noses, hollow coughs, aching limbs and insufferable headaches. I will not be able to go into Nepal in a condition like this, with a sore foot at that which forbids me any trekking, but I will ride the crisis out here in my favourite place Darjeeling, since it is very strengthening and hardening to be here, my first and last love in India, for some days before embarking on the train journey back west, where Halvar expects me in Dharamsala on the 20th.

              From the bottom of despair...

Infection, insect bites and running noses,
snoring room mates, sleepless nights and aching limbs,
you just lie tormenting yourself
with furious scratchings of your wounds,
you cough your lungs out, eyes are watering cascades,
and everywhere you hear around you
this tremendous Himalayan cough,
the empty dryness of the hollow hoarseness like of horses,
snows and rains, the worst that ever trekkers met with,
worse than even my friend Veteran encountered by Mount Everest,
and nightmares, worries, tortures and laments;
but still you carry on, enduring anything
just for the pleasure of surviving
even the worst thinkable ordeals
to one day finally return back home
to work, to humdrum winter weariness,
to just a normal life instead of these extremes,
however beautiful, revolting, educating and adorable.


Silver beams illuminate the landscape
and increase with constancy around the hills
until they blind you into rapturous exhilaration
for the mountain far above all others
so serenely highlighted in heavenly and perfect majesty
by the enchanting morning glory rising from the sun;
and in its shadow, this small village
like a child born from this paradise of beauty
living almost only from the beautious charm of Kanjenjunga,
so benevolently generous from this life-giving magic,
that immediately she naturally must become the Queen of Hills.
Thou art the Emperor and majesty, o Kanjenjunga,
but your child Darjeeling mirrors this supremacy
and grows into the most desirable of queens
by stealing irretrievably your heart
and leaving, as you have to leave her,
a nostalgia to ache for life
unless you constantly return.

The Fifth Element

The question is which element to choose,
which one you best identify with,
which is stronger or most likeable.
The first is Earth, the solid matter, all that is concrete,
which more often than not, however,
is submerged and drowned by Water.
Water also quenches every Fire -
Fire which devours all is always powerless against it,
except when it combines with Air,
which then can dry up any lake.
Is Air then the most powerful of elements,
since nothing can subdue it, pin it down or even see it?
But there is in Buddhism a fifth element
denominated Wood, which is organic.
Of all organic forms, wood is the hardest and the most enduring,
which is why in Buddhism it has come to symbolize the essence
of this fifth of elements, which is simply life.
It is dependent on the other four,
it has to breathe with Air, it has to grow and live on Earth,
it can't do without Water, and the Fire is its energy.
But basically, all four elements have together that one function only
to support the fifth and make it possible,
the only really meaningful and interesting, important element,
the toughest and most usable longliving form of which
is that most precious Wood we all need knocking on at times.

So let's just plant more trees, the most invaluable support of life
producing air (that's oxygen), providing energy,
enriching earth and binding the wild waters
and not take them down,
for that would ruin everything on earth,
let loose the fires and the waters
and impoverish the air - in short,
a tree is of as much importance as the life of any man.

The eternal flow of life and love

The flow of life and love can never be arrested.
No sloth of slow mentality,
no ignorance or violence,
no government oppression, conscious or unconscious,
no bureaucracy or automatic tyranny,
no systematic greed or hopeless petty thinking,
no autocracy or any dreadfulness of politics,
no nuclear scarecrow like some monster of dictatorship
like that Korean booby, and no terrorism,
nu human vanity and folly,
no oppressive ideology of atheistic fundamentalism,
like the Chinese imperial state of communism
forbidding all religions except atheism
and persecuting them with force,
not all the weapons in the world including all the nuclear ones
can stop the naturalness in the flow of life and love
ubiquitously in the universe. - Remember,
there are just as many suns and stars around the universe
as there collectively are grains of sand in every beach
and desert altogether in our world,
our sun is just a grain of sand out of this universe of sands;
so life must be all round the universe if it is here,
not frequently and everywhere but sparsely;
so our life and love are here to stay
and to go on continuously forever.

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