How could it happen,
that most dreadful scandal in our modern history
and in a qualified democracy!
They didn't just elect him and enthrone him,
that most ignorant of presidents,
who never had been travelling abroad,
who never had much of an education,
never studied history
and hardly ever read a book,
a former alcoholic cheated into office,
and they re-elected him!
They covered up the whole environmental research
that the previous administration had painstakingly procured
with all the clear resulting indications of the global warming going on,
the Bush administration made a cover-up of it
to not disturb financial interests,
to keep up the oil business as usual
burying their oistrich head into the sands
for short-sighted pecuniary profits
at the expense of the planet.
What a loathsome leader of the world!
Investigating this felonious racket,
Watergate and Irangate appear as innocent soap bubbles,
while the Brits misguided by that Blair
just bought it all and fell flat for that racketeer and con man,
tricked into a booby trap by phoney greedy hustlers.
Such deceivers of mankind can never be forgiven
or forgotten, like the 20th century dictators
Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot,
the mad seducers and destroyers of humanity,
the rogues of history, whose gallery unfortunately
never has been stopped from being constantly expanded
by those criminals, adventurers and crooks
who mask themselves as politicians.


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