9-11 and all that

9-11 and all that

When anger hits you on the nose...

When anger hits you on the nose
the urge to strike back gets on overwhelming,
but you can't strike back while still your nose is bleeding,
you just have to swallow it and bide your time,
and as your anger thus is laid to rest
you soon forget about it,
and the motivation disappears
to do something about it,
and thus nothing sensible gets done
about the insult, which remains
buried alive, where it infests and grows
until it reaches some infection stage,
and then the trouble is completely introvert
like a sore inner wound you only feel but cannot dress
and turns perhaps into some metastasis.
Still, that is far better than to actually strike back
in blindness, hatred and revenge
of short-sighted brain-bankruptcy
with no idea of the inevitable consequences.
Thus we have this vicious circle of political insanity,
each madman of his own fanatical establishment
just thinking of his own group egoistic interests,
manipulated into power for destructive reasons,
like the Bush impostor in the White House
stealing presidency from Al Gore, whose main concern
is universal welfare, global warming problems and the future,
while the short-sighted impostor lunacy
by sheer incompetence turns international discussions into failures
triggering the 9-11 sabotage attacks against civilisation,
which politically then are turned into a cracy war merry-go-round
manipulated forth against Afghanistan at first and then Iraq
by the oil mafia governing the president –
and thus is world politics turned into a mess of trouble
just to close the eyes to much more vital problems
like the melting ices in Antarctica and Greenland
that will drown the world if nothing brings it to a halt,
natural problems of man's own short-sighted making
that concerns humanity, the future and all nature
clinically free from egoistic thinking and vendettas –
say no more, I stifle and can only pray and cry,
forgetting all about my bleeding nose.

You missed the nose all together. And, you hit the wrong person, establishment, governement leader, etc, etc, etc. We were attacked!
Kathy Lockhart 2006-09-11

Is Bush also to blame for all the other attacks on Americans dating back to the 70's? There have been seven, two while Clinton and Gore were in office. These people hate freedom. It has nothing to do with oil, the environment or politics. They are worshipers of evil.
by: Phyllis J. Rhodes 2006-09-11

With my bleeding nose I am hitting no one and defending no one, least of all any terrorist. The inconvenient truth is there was an important world meeting in spring 2001, which the US walked out on, refusing to deal with global problems. Some people say there would have been no 9-11 attacks with a different administration - this can neither be proved nor disproved. The Afghanistan war of 2001 achieved some important and constructive results, let's not speak about the gas pipe lines from Central Asia to the sea through Afghanistan that were impossible to construct before that war; but the Iraq war, everybody agrees, was started on false grounds, there having been no weapons of mass destruction on Iraq's side, Bush's excuse for driving over the UN and starting the war, while Dick Cheney and D. Rumsfeld pressured the CIA into advocating the war although there was no ground for it, if it were not for the oil. See Al Gore's film and do something about the US being responsible for 30% of the pollution of the planet. President Bush has refused to see it.
by: Christian Lanciai 2006-09-12

This is a very, very significant poem.
It is so sane and asks the relevant question, so forcefully and directly without mincing any words...
Ultimately the fact remains that no war can bring peace.
No peace can be brought about by violence.
No violence can be ended by violence.

Bravo dear Christian!

(((warm hugs)))