The Rainbow Warrior

He is the hero of our time
but rather careful and discreet,
does not take any risks
while he is certain of his case,
that he is right and fights for all the good
there is at all in this decrepit world,
defending everything worth living for.
He fights for Greenpeace and Tibetans,
demonstrates for peace and tolerance,
has nothing with dogmatic bigotry to do,
believes in immortality, reincarnation and the soul
of every living thing and being
and defends above all life in all its forms,
hugs trees and plants them,
chases whalers down and off from all the seas,
is not political but more environmental
and crusades more underground and more efficiently
appearing as concealed in his activities
as captain Nemo and as purposeful.
You find him everywhere, he is increasing
in efficiency and numbers of both sexes,
and wherever you will recognize him
you will know him (or her) as a friend.


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