The Crying Tree


A true story



It was a lady who told me the story.

She was staying in a house out in the country

with an ancient giant oaken tree quite close

with branches stretching over it

and roots down deep under the basement.

She found difficulty sleeping in this house,

and gradually the aches began in all her limbs,

which she could not explain,

since there was nothing wrong with her.

No sleep, and aches all over,

unexplainable, and then a total sadness

that just made her cry for nothing

while the pains increased intolerably.

Suddenly she realized:

it was that old tree affecting her.

Her female empathy had found communion with the tree,

which recently had had two giant branches cut,

which now the tree was seized with anguish for,

in pain trying to heal and not to bleed to death.

The tree was something like three hundred years of age,

and at that age to have some amputation is no easy matter.

Trees are human, and their DNA is close to our own.

It has been proved, that when some trees are cut down in a forest,

it is felt by other trees and even trees as far away

as in the very other end of that same forest,

which is like an organism and a community,

where all the trees co-operate communing with each other.


That was something about trees, their sensitivity and human feelings,

and about the fact how actually it hurts in all Dame Nature

when they are cut down.



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