The bombings in Karachi...

139 victims - for what?
They tried to kill a woman
coming home after eight years of exile,
engaged some willing suicide bombers
who would do anything to upset
the peace process of Pakistan
towards democracy, law and order
and obstruct any effort
of reconciliation between the military and democracy,
trying to kill off all possibilities of co-operation at once,
for the glory of fundamentalism, anarchy, the Talibans
and terror, while they only killed themselves
and brought with them 139 innocents,
women and children, old people and civilians
and anyone who just wanted to say welcome
to the mother of the nation coming back.
It's not politics. It's fundamental mass suicide
hitting islam at its roots
by using violence in aiming at the contrary
which always boomerangs
and kills the future
instead of building it.


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