The poisoned Falun Gong practitioner

So far 800 cases like this have become known.



The poisoned Falun Gong practitioner:



I don't know what they do to me.

I have been here now for I don't know how long,

but I am not alone at least.

We are a number in this concentration camp,

but I don't know how many,

since I cannot count correctly any more.

I don't know why they make us invalids

unfit for work, disqualified for anything, -

perhaps to show the world how dumb we are,

as if the world would close their eyes to what we were before

we were sequestered, isolated and imprisoned

just for sticking faithfully to universalism,

the association with the cosmic mind

in Lao Tzu's and Buddha's imitation,

which for some strange reason the authorities

decided to have us exterminated for;

but I must say their methods are peculiar.

We are loaded, force-fed with destructive drugs,

we don't know which, they put them in our food,

or they inject them into us by force,

so we become like vegetables,

losing the control of our bodies,

of our mind and memory,

our faculty for analytical and logic thought,

our will to reason and our energy to live,

while at the same time we of course become unfit for work

and merely exist as zombies, lying dying in our beds,

like wrecks but wrecked on purpose,

why? Because we had free minds?

Believed in something better,

stuck to our cultural traditions,

aimed for some religious higher meaning of our lives?

I just don't understand why our authorities

insist on undermining and destroying

everything that shows a different path

from the established lies of their dictatorship,

as if that was a sensible activity,

which no one in the world can see

how it could lead to anything except destruction.




Postat av: Oskar

Hejsan! Jag gillar det du skriver på din blogg.

Falun Gong-utövare i Kina får verkligen lida enormt mycket. Tortyren de utsätts för är fruktansvärd.

Ditt blogginlägg stämmer bra.

Du är varmt välkommen att titta in hos mig.

Ha det riktigt bra!


2009-07-30 @ 12:04:15

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