Political murders


A secret Russian agent is in London poisoned

in the old way of the KGB by radioactive means,

which only superpowers have the means of;

but that Russia, which alone was motivated to the murder

does of course deny it, as did Putin when the journalist of civil courage

Anna Politkovskaya was murdered

shot down in the elevator of her home

with no less than five mortal bullets

in the ordinary mafia style,

which murder also only Russia could have any motive for.

Things don't look any better

as the murdered London agent Litvinenko

was investigating the aforesaid murder

of the lovely Anna Politkovskaya;

but Putin and the politicians reason with some realistic cynicism:

"Who cares? Who has the energy and time to bother

when the world goes down the road to ruin anyway

by aids, catastrophes, malaria, TBC,

the global warming and ever increasing floods?

We can afford to overlook some small politic murder,

one or two, a dozen or another

since they must be soon forgotten anyway

and disappear in the most boring usual flow

of normal global catastrophical statistics." 

Postat av: virgilio

Great site! Good luck to it's owner! http://www.bovso.org/virgilio

2007-02-23 @ 02:10:09
Postat av: cavalli

pagine piuttosto informative, piacevoli =) http://www.flryanair.org/cavalli

2007-02-24 @ 23:24:23
Postat av: Lucius Dannebro

Great Site Christian Lanciai and as usual many good reportage. But I don't share all of your ideas about global warming ect. and that KGB (today FSB) should be behind murder in London, it was CIA! CIA is also behind Chechen rebels wars etc. CIA is the great enemy of every one together with the mass murder George W. Bush and Dick Chaney, the fat ass.
I will put a link to your great and beautiful website but also tell my readers that I chare only 95 % of your ideas but you have to open up for 1) Sufi Islam and 2) see CIA as the great enemy and see the beauty of what is happening in the Russian Federation. But I will highly recommend all other writings, poems, free thoughts and music at your site and in your life and work. Good Luck where ever you are now for the moment. PD! The 1000 Euro I own you is on its way but it will take some more time. DS!
Your friend Mr Lucius Tore Dannebro, Editor in chief of Independent Nexus Magazine Sweden. See you later alligator?

Postat av: the author

Thank you, Lucius, old friend. I also recommend you to look up Jean Hudon on google and his very interesting newsletter every second week about what's going on under the surface that never reaches the junk news headlines.

2007-05-23 @ 20:07:18
Postat av: carlos B

Tore är detta du;? Tore från Drared/Borås.

vi har undrat i många år vart du tagit vägen. du finns alltid i våra tankar Tore, om detta är du. har googlat runt lite på ditt namn.

ok om detta är ha det så bra bra ;)

2010-05-29 @ 08:40:20

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