Burma - another Tibet

Burma - another Tibet


(with some tribute to Aung San Suu Kyi)


My lady, bravest in the world,

who never really wanted to become a politician

but preferred to stay with flower decorations and to play the piano,

you were only two years old when your great father was assassinated,

who gave Burma independence and democracy with British blessings

and was murdered by the enemies of peace and of democracy,

who have controlled the country practically ever since

and ruthlessly, since 1947, sixty years of military tyranny

and, as in all dictatorships, of total limitless corruption,

they today maintain the main monopoly of heroin in south east Asia,

which provide them with enormous fortunes while the people starve,

their military power being backed up by the communists of China,

without which, most probably, the nation would long since have been

a prospering democracy. Instead, the younger generation is kept down

by drugs, two thirds of all drug addicts being positive with HIV

with no financial means or possibility to even test themselves;

which means that Burma probably, because of the dictatorship,

has the worst Aids statistics in all Asia. Half of all the heroin

that reaches USA, Australia and America

is manufactured in "the golden triangle" of Burma,

Thailand and Laos, which the military governors of Burma

naturally has supported, since it stabilizes their position,

so that the production keeps on doubling.

So the people protest, and the military shoot them

for the safety of their heroin financial empire

and their extreme blindfolded limitless corruption.

China, by the way, is also chief supporter of Robert Mugabe.




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