The eternal flow of life and love

The flow of life and love can never be arrested.
No sloth of slow mentality,
no ignorance or violence,
no government oppression, conscious or unconscious,
no bureaucracy or automatic tyranny,
no systematic greed or hopeless petty thinking,
no autocracy or any dreadfulness of politics,
no nuclear scarecrow like some monster of dictatorship
like that Korean booby, and no terrorism,
nu human vanity and folly,
no oppressive ideology of atheistic fundamentalism,
like the Chinese imperial state of communism
forbidding all religions except atheism
and persecuting them with force,
not all the weapons in the world including all the nuclear ones
can stop the naturalness in the flow of life and love
ubiquitously in the universe. - Remember,
there are just as many suns and stars around the universe
as there collectively are grains of sand in every beach
and desert altogether in our world,
our sun is just a grain of sand out of this universe of sands;
so life must be all round the universe if it is here,
not frequently and everywhere but sparsely;
so our life and love are here to stay
and to go on continuously forever.

Postat av: virgilio

Great site! Good luck to it's owner!

2007-02-23 @ 02:12:04
Postat av: cavalli

pagine piuttosto informative, piacevoli =)

2007-02-24 @ 23:28:37

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