On the death of Anna Politkovskaya

Careful with that lethal weapon,

you might kill somebody with it

and, what's worse, make martyrs

that you afterwards will nevermore get rid of

since their testimony only will the more be sharpened

and kept furiously alive if they are killed for it,

you clumsy hooligans, that make a mess out of a decent work,

a brilliant journalist world famous for her courage

and her boldness to report on all the murders

and atrocities of our authorities

incriminating our whole government;

and you, deranged torpedoes,

just walk in and make a carnage out of a celebrity

respected and adored by all the world of conscience freedom fighters

and a lovely woman, and a mother at that, also,

like the idiots you are, instead of simply forcing her abroad,

no matter how, thus silencing and keeping her efficiently away,

like the Chinese do

with whoever dares to implicate the criminal authorities.

What can we say? You made a mess of it,

now everyone call us accountable,

and we can not even defend it.

All that I can say is, the less said, the better.


– Vladimir Putin.





Giuliana Sgrena has written a book about it, "Friendly wars".


Another brave journalist


An investigating correspondent of the war scene in Iraq,

she made sure to be friends with everyone

and most especially with the Iraqis and all common people

but was shocked to see how by the mere existence of the war

all people became brutalized and alienated

and especially her friends, the common people, the Iraqis;

and before the war was ended she was kidnapped by Iraqis

for no purpose, just because she happened to be foreign.

After a few weeks they realized they had no reason to keep her as hostage,

so she was released and could return in safety to her friends.

In safety? With her as a bodyguard was her best friend,

and as they came back to the lines of the Americans

they opened fire on her without any warning.

She was well protected by her friend the bodyguard

who shielded her with his own body

but was shot to death himself - by the Americans,

the leaders of this "friendly war".

The incident led to a crisis in her country's government,

the Berlusconi government of Italy,

who enthusiastically and uncritically had joined up with Bush.

She just told the truth and risked her life for telling it,

investigating what went really on behind the war scenes

and is clear about it: US loaded the Iraqi government

of Saddam Hussein with mass destruction weapons

for the use against Iran in that war twenty years ago.

When Bush embarked on this war in Iraq some years ago

it was with the excuse that Saddam Hussein still

had all those mass destruction weapons and was dangerous,

which proved a fable, since he did not have them any more.

So America gave fuel to that oven,

that got burning hot in Bagdad with Saddam Hussein,

and then sat down on it,

and that is why the US arse is burning in Iraq.

Her name is Giuliana Sgrena. She is still alive

and continues risking her own life

to build the bulwark of democracy by sticking to the truth

and making it well heard and documented.




9-11 and all that

9-11 and all that

When anger hits you on the nose...

When anger hits you on the nose
the urge to strike back gets on overwhelming,
but you can't strike back while still your nose is bleeding,
you just have to swallow it and bide your time,
and as your anger thus is laid to rest
you soon forget about it,
and the motivation disappears
to do something about it,
and thus nothing sensible gets done
about the insult, which remains
buried alive, where it infests and grows
until it reaches some infection stage,
and then the trouble is completely introvert
like a sore inner wound you only feel but cannot dress
and turns perhaps into some metastasis.
Still, that is far better than to actually strike back
in blindness, hatred and revenge
of short-sighted brain-bankruptcy
with no idea of the inevitable consequences.
Thus we have this vicious circle of political insanity,
each madman of his own fanatical establishment
just thinking of his own group egoistic interests,
manipulated into power for destructive reasons,
like the Bush impostor in the White House
stealing presidency from Al Gore, whose main concern
is universal welfare, global warming problems and the future,
while the short-sighted impostor lunacy
by sheer incompetence turns international discussions into failures
triggering the 9-11 sabotage attacks against civilisation,
which politically then are turned into a cracy war merry-go-round
manipulated forth against Afghanistan at first and then Iraq
by the oil mafia governing the president –
and thus is world politics turned into a mess of trouble
just to close the eyes to much more vital problems
like the melting ices in Antarctica and Greenland
that will drown the world if nothing brings it to a halt,
natural problems of man's own short-sighted making
that concerns humanity, the future and all nature
clinically free from egoistic thinking and vendettas –
say no more, I stifle and can only pray and cry,
forgetting all about my bleeding nose.

You missed the nose all together. And, you hit the wrong person, establishment, governement leader, etc, etc, etc. We were attacked!
Kathy Lockhart 2006-09-11

Is Bush also to blame for all the other attacks on Americans dating back to the 70's? There have been seven, two while Clinton and Gore were in office. These people hate freedom. It has nothing to do with oil, the environment or politics. They are worshipers of evil.
by: Phyllis J. Rhodes 2006-09-11

With my bleeding nose I am hitting no one and defending no one, least of all any terrorist. The inconvenient truth is there was an important world meeting in spring 2001, which the US walked out on, refusing to deal with global problems. Some people say there would have been no 9-11 attacks with a different administration - this can neither be proved nor disproved. The Afghanistan war of 2001 achieved some important and constructive results, let's not speak about the gas pipe lines from Central Asia to the sea through Afghanistan that were impossible to construct before that war; but the Iraq war, everybody agrees, was started on false grounds, there having been no weapons of mass destruction on Iraq's side, Bush's excuse for driving over the UN and starting the war, while Dick Cheney and D. Rumsfeld pressured the CIA into advocating the war although there was no ground for it, if it were not for the oil. See Al Gore's film and do something about the US being responsible for 30% of the pollution of the planet. President Bush has refused to see it.
by: Christian Lanciai 2006-09-12

This is a very, very significant poem.
It is so sane and asks the relevant question, so forcefully and directly without mincing any words...
Ultimately the fact remains that no war can bring peace.
No peace can be brought about by violence.
No violence can be ended by violence.

Bravo dear Christian!

(((warm hugs)))


Gamla vänner

Gamla vänner är ej blott som gammalt gräs
som alltid finns där kvar att trampa på,
ett trevligt grönt som alltid grönskar
och som efter snö och vinter kommer fram igen.
Nej, gamla vänner är som gamla rötter
och det nödvändigaste i livet.
Därför talar vi om gräsets rötter,
som ger nytt liv när vi tar av skor och strumpor
och går nakna på den friska jorden
i direktkontakt med mor naturen,
livets ursprung och den mull vi alltid återvänder till,
som pryds och kläds av gräsets trygga grönska,
all den vänskap som består och alltid finns där kvar,
hur mycket vi än trampar på den.

Old friends are not just like old grass
which always grows under your feet to trample on,
a nice reliable green which is there to remain
and always to return after the winter's ice and snow.
No, old friends are like necessary roots,
the most important thing in life.
And therefore we depend on our grass roots,
which gives new life when we doff our shoes and stockings,
walking with our naked feet directly on the ground
in wholesome closest touch with mother nature,
our life's origin, the dust which we invariably return to,
which is constantly dressed up for us in lushness,
all that friendship which remains to grow forever
independently on how much we keep trampling on it.

The Irish argument

The Irish argument, (after John Bede).

Going down the bleeding heart of Ireland
the depth of history reveals innumerable wounds
like of a raped mother,
since Ireland was christened long before the English,
who for centuries were arduously compelled to seek protection
against civil wars and barbarism in most remote and isolated places
such as Lindisfarne and Iona just to survive,
while Ireland was gloriously alive and making harps
committing all their life to culture and to music.
All we could do about Britain was to pity their barbarity
as they oppressed us in the middle ages,
occupied us and turned Ireland into endless civil wars
and slaughtered us through centuries
to crown their senseless cruelty by ethnic cleansing,
planting protestantic Englishmen in Ulster,
the worst thing that England ever did to Ireland;
and so we pitied them and even more
when they went into the Great War
partaking in the massacre of humankind
and of civilization,
at which point the best thing we could do
was simply finally once and for all to leave them on their own;
and thus we still continue pitying them today
but think they should be better off without us.

Den falska musikern - the mistaken musician


Vad är väl hans skicklighet värd

när han dränker sin gåva i missbruk?

För mig är de musiker falska

som hänger sig åt stimulantia

och därmed förstör sin musik,

denna gåva av Gud som de gavs att förvalta.

För mig är det inte musik

om det driver sin musiker till självdestruktivitet,

som tyvärr blivit de flesta musikers öde

som blott tjänat jazzen och rocken.

Musik är för mig blott musik

om den ren är och leder till renhet

och så leder sinnet till en större klarhet

än blott nykterheten från spriten.

Musik som förleder till sprit och till missbruk

är inte musik utan ljudmissbruk endast,

och bättre är då vilken tystnad som helst;

ty den allra mest rena och sanna musiken

är den som hörs endast i tystnaden.




What's his skill worth

if he only drowns it in booze?

For me, those musicians are false

who abandon themselves to addiction

and thereby destroy their own music,

that gift of divinity that they were given to cultivate.

That isn't music to me

which compels the musician to paths of destruction,

which has been the destiny of most musicians

that gave themselves only to jazz and to rock.

For me, music is only music

if it is enough pure and leads but to purity

and to a higher degree of spiritual clarity

than just sobriety from common drunkenness.

Music which tempts to abuse of narcotics and liquor

is not really music but merely sound abuse,

better than which any silence would be;

for the most true and pure kind of music

is that which can only come to you in silence.

Musikern - the Musician


 Ett offer för sin egen skönhet och sin överbegåvning?

 Många musiker har varit detta, och ej endast Mozart,

 som bara var den första.

 Genom sin initiering i en skönhetsvärld

 som transcenderar alla andra

 äger musikern den fallenheten

 för att värre bli bedragen av sig själv än andra.

 Genom sin harmoniska uppfattning

 och förmågan att uppfatta livet som musik

 kan hon tyvärr bli grymmare bedragen

 och på ett mer djupgående plan,

 då hennes satsning ej är bara livet utan själen,

 och om den då blir bedragen,

 till exempel av en utnyttjare eller livsmissbrukare

 måste fallet, katastrofen bli långt mer förödande

 än om den bara var materiell.

 En musiker kan genom sina musikaliska insikter

 blott se sina medmänniskor positivt,

 då hennes grundinställning är idealistisk,

 så idealistisk att den utesluter möjligheten av dess motsats.

 Därmed uppstår fall som Schubert, Schumann,

 Hugo Wolf, Tjajkovskij, Mendelssohn, Bellini,

 krossade av vad som väckte dem ur deras drömmar

 som var goda och det högsta goda

 och som bara kunde väckas av dess motsats,

 av vad som kan liknas bara vid en dödlig våldtäkt.

 Det är musikerns dilemma: hennes ideal

 kan ej förstås av vad som saknar detta ideal,

 hon ser en extra skönhetsdimension

 som grymt förnekas av de som ej fattar den –

 av okunskap, av dumhet eller av likgiltighet,

 det dummaste av allt.

 Och ändå, trots så många musikers personliga fatala katastrofer,

 så är de så långt lyckligare än de stackare

 som aldrig kan förstå musik.


A victim to her beauty and transcendent talent?

Many geniuses of music have been this, not only Mozart,

who was only number one.

Through initiation in a world of beauty

that transcends all others

the musician has a liable propensity

to more than others be the victim of a self-deceit.

Through his harmonious outlook

and capacity to see life through the temperament of music

she unfortunately can more cruelly be deceived

and on a much profounder level,

since her bid is more than just her life but even all her soul,

and if then it is being dragged down and deceived,

for instance by an opportunist or a life-abuser,

the catastrophe must be much more severe

than if it only was material.

Through his poetical and musical temperament

the true musician can but see her fellow beings positively

since her basic attitude is pure idealism

and so idealistic that it must exclude the contrary.

Thereby we have cases such as Schubert, Schumann,

Hugo Wolf, Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn, Bellini,

crushed by the awakening from their ideal dreams

which but consisted of the highest good

and which could but be wakened by its contrary,

by what can only be described as mortal violation.

That is the dilemma of musicians: their ideal

can not be understood by those who do not have it,

they see an additional dimension and a life of beauty

which is cruelly denied by those who do not grasp it –

from ignorance, stupidity or just indifference,

which is the most stupid thing of all.

And still, in spite of so many musicians’ personal catastrophes,

they are so much more fortunate and happier than those poor devils

who can never understand what music is.

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