The Irish argument

The Irish argument, (after John Bede).

Going down the bleeding heart of Ireland
the depth of history reveals innumerable wounds
like of a raped mother,
since Ireland was christened long before the English,
who for centuries were arduously compelled to seek protection
against civil wars and barbarism in most remote and isolated places
such as Lindisfarne and Iona just to survive,
while Ireland was gloriously alive and making harps
committing all their life to culture and to music.
All we could do about Britain was to pity their barbarity
as they oppressed us in the middle ages,
occupied us and turned Ireland into endless civil wars
and slaughtered us through centuries
to crown their senseless cruelty by ethnic cleansing,
planting protestantic Englishmen in Ulster,
the worst thing that England ever did to Ireland;
and so we pitied them and even more
when they went into the Great War
partaking in the massacre of humankind
and of civilization,
at which point the best thing we could do
was simply finally once and for all to leave them on their own;
and thus we still continue pitying them today
but think they should be better off without us.

Postat av: John Bede

Since you make so much of it, here is my original wordings in that post. Remarkable, how you almost used them verbatim for a poem. Thanks for quoting me.

"No, it's a more difficult issue than just of morals, an issue which
goes down deep into the bleeding heart of Ireland, which was christened and reached a high cultural level long before the English even found any safe resorts from their own violence (Romans, Anglo-Saxons and later Normans) at remote places like Iona and Lindisfarne. When the English started oppressing the Irish in the middle ages we pitied them, when they occupied us and turned all Ireland into endless civil wars we pitied them, when they slaughtered us and bestowed on us the Plantation of Ulster, the worst thing ever done to Ireland, we pitied them, when they went into the Great War to partake in the world massacre of civilization we pitied them and left them on their own, we still pity them and think they are better off without us."


2006-07-18 @ 09:45:55
Postat av: virgilio

Great site! Good luck to it's owner!

2007-02-23 @ 02:08:49
Postat av: cavalli

pagine piuttosto informative, piacevoli =)

2007-02-24 @ 23:24:46

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