On the death of Anna Politkovskaya

Careful with that lethal weapon,

you might kill somebody with it

and, what's worse, make martyrs

that you afterwards will nevermore get rid of

since their testimony only will the more be sharpened

and kept furiously alive if they are killed for it,

you clumsy hooligans, that make a mess out of a decent work,

a brilliant journalist world famous for her courage

and her boldness to report on all the murders

and atrocities of our authorities

incriminating our whole government;

and you, deranged torpedoes,

just walk in and make a carnage out of a celebrity

respected and adored by all the world of conscience freedom fighters

and a lovely woman, and a mother at that, also,

like the idiots you are, instead of simply forcing her abroad,

no matter how, thus silencing and keeping her efficiently away,

like the Chinese do

with whoever dares to implicate the criminal authorities.

What can we say? You made a mess of it,

now everyone call us accountable,

and we can not even defend it.

All that I can say is, the less said, the better.


– Vladimir Putin.





Giuliana Sgrena has written a book about it, "Friendly wars".


Another brave journalist


An investigating correspondent of the war scene in Iraq,

she made sure to be friends with everyone

and most especially with the Iraqis and all common people

but was shocked to see how by the mere existence of the war

all people became brutalized and alienated

and especially her friends, the common people, the Iraqis;

and before the war was ended she was kidnapped by Iraqis

for no purpose, just because she happened to be foreign.

After a few weeks they realized they had no reason to keep her as hostage,

so she was released and could return in safety to her friends.

In safety? With her as a bodyguard was her best friend,

and as they came back to the lines of the Americans

they opened fire on her without any warning.

She was well protected by her friend the bodyguard

who shielded her with his own body

but was shot to death himself - by the Americans,

the leaders of this "friendly war".

The incident led to a crisis in her country's government,

the Berlusconi government of Italy,

who enthusiastically and uncritically had joined up with Bush.

She just told the truth and risked her life for telling it,

investigating what went really on behind the war scenes

and is clear about it: US loaded the Iraqi government

of Saddam Hussein with mass destruction weapons

for the use against Iran in that war twenty years ago.

When Bush embarked on this war in Iraq some years ago

it was with the excuse that Saddam Hussein still

had all those mass destruction weapons and was dangerous,

which proved a fable, since he did not have them any more.

So America gave fuel to that oven,

that got burning hot in Bagdad with Saddam Hussein,

and then sat down on it,

and that is why the US arse is burning in Iraq.

Her name is Giuliana Sgrena. She is still alive

and continues risking her own life

to build the bulwark of democracy by sticking to the truth

and making it well heard and documented.




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Great site! Good luck to it's owner! http://www.bovso.org/virgilio

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pagine piuttosto informative, piacevoli =) http://www.flryanair.org/cavalli

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