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"I have been working very hard primarily with music and recordings ever since I came home, and there have been lots of problems, especially practical ones, and even M. has had problems with his technical apparatus, which hasn't always worked. But now my first 8 ballades (out of 18 in total so far) are available on the web in mp3. The recordings are not implicitly perfect technically, but at least they give you an idea of the music.


Life in music is a kind of imprisonment but at the same time a liberation from the world stuck with the horrors of realism. We need them both but have the better one to be able to support with the one that causes us problems...



Our world

Ours is a world of beauty

so much finer than the ordinary world

of strife, vulgarity and commonness,

of egoism, shortsightedness and vanity,

while ours lasts forever

gilded by the harmony of unsurpassed nobility

of the refinement and idealism of abstract triuth

as found by geniuses like Handel, Beethoven, Chopin

and Brahms, a higher world of thought

than any brutal realism, and actually

a truer world than any real one.

Since we know the key and have it,

let's just stick to it and keep it

and forget about the rest,

that keeps committing all their follies

on the road to self-destruction

better without us,

who are reserved for better purposes

than just the ordinariness of vanity.


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