Christmas message

A difficult year




In brief, I have never worked harder than this year,

and although much was accomplished, much was left behind,

and much remains to be completed.


A tough year is getting tougher,

and the more so the more it approaches its end.


There were also many disasters, especially natural ones,

but let’s not talk about them,

since there will probably be worse to come.


One of my shortcomings was that the laboratory has not processed half of the films from my latest Himalayan treks (in November), possibly they are lost,

but, like of everything, there is still hope;

but these pictures (above all from Himachal Pradesh)

I have consequently not been able to provide for my lookers on the web.


Here, at least, are my major sites and links,

for anyone who wants to take part of my life as projected into cyber space

(free of charge, of course):,,4845,00.swf




with very best wishes for the near and distant future,








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