The Exile

Dharamsala, November 20th:

The Tibetan poet Tenzing Tsundue, exile from Tibet in India, has been placed under house arrest to prevent him from protesting with other Tibetan exiles while the Chinese president Hu Jintao makes his three days visit here...

The Exile

Driven hard across the snows
over the pass in wintry mountains
with frost-bitten feet and corpses on the way
shot brutally to death by occupation soldiers
or just stranded in the snows in freezing death,
old people, children, mothers, victims of all kinds;
thus suffers the whole nation
driven out by brainwash propaganda
and enforcement of autocracy,
thus turning a whole people into prisoners and exiles
in the country they themselves had built
and turned into a unique culture of philosophy,
respecting life above all and tradition
with a wonderful flourishing sense for ceremonies,
pompous, colourful and solemn
as the perfect ordered party going on forever;
until brutal unhumanity broke in with force and hate
intentionally wiping out a culture of two thousand years
destroying six thousand and forty-six monasteries and temples
out of six thousand and fifty-nine
and burning manuscripts, hand-written books,
three fifths of all the libraries and treasuries of literature,
- and why? For sheer stupidity, the joy of violence,
the glory of destruction and the rape of beauty?
For the triumph of the opposite of culture,
human dignity, nobility, humanitarianism, compassion
to let evil with voluptuousness replace all virtue
and all man's constructive efforts?
The dictatorships and mad rapes of politics in the 20th century
has turned the cultural protectors, humanists and lovers
into exiles in this world of barbarism and cruelty;
and it goes on, the rape of beauty by barbarity,
not only in Tibet but everywhere
by blind and brutal brainwash from the media and politics
through the carelessness and greed and ignorance of mankind.


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Postat av: virgilio

Great site! Good luck to it's owner!

2007-02-23 @ 02:08:50
Postat av: cavalli

pagine piuttosto informative, piacevoli =)

2007-02-24 @ 23:25:23

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