My Tibetan friend

You travel all across the Himalayas
as an outcast, outlawed by the occupants
and forced in exile since your childhood,
forced to cross the snows in winter across passes
of six thousand meters, where the butchers of your country
stand in wait prepared to gun down any refugees
who have the unacceptable impertinence to flee their country
occupied by probably the cruellest of the world's autocracies,
an atheist totalitarian regime which makes all human life impossible
for those who can't subject themselves to anti-spiritualism,
enforced fanatical ideology of atheism,
the national compulsory political denial of the soul
and all its natural demands and needs of freedom.
They have destroyed your country, ruined almost every temple,
almost every monastery and burnt most of all your books,
a thousand years' collection of hand-written manuscripts,
they have reduced your people,
those that were not extirpated,
to sub-citizens of second rate,
if they at all are given rights as citizens,
and killed off one fifth of your population
to replace it gradually with Han Chinese,
a long-perspective ethnic cleansing
typical of socialist dictatorships,
and sterilized an unknown number of your women
and your mothers also after forced abortions,
carried off 240.000 of your ladies
forcing them to slave work down in China
forced to marry Chinese men
who then are forced to populate your country
as another link in the methodic long-term ethnic cleansing.
How many of you have already been lost in concentration camps,
in prisons, tortured to extinction,
or abducted already as children
to be brainwashed and brought up as Chinese puppet capos?
As the Jews keep screaming on and on
with every right to every now and then remind the world
of crimes against humanity committed by political autocracy,
so you Tibetans, Uighurs and Mongolians
never must stop showing up your testimony to the world
about the slow but fatal holocaust
that still goes on today
and has been carried on for sixty years
by the totalitarian party ruling the Chinese.


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