The Genocide Olympics



Sarkozy is going there, the president of France,

to boost French business with the genocide autocracy,

although he previously was eager

to lead boycott protests against China,

which continues persecuting innocents,

like Falun Gong practitioners,

a constant gold mine for Chinese authorities

for harvesting of human organs

safely in the mental wards

where Falun Gong practitioners are put away

reduced to apathy and drugged unconscious

for the profitable organ market greed,

together with all other religious minorities,

like Christians, Buddhists, not to speak of farmers

causing demonstration trouble all across the country

for their being used, exploited and evicted,

while the genocide goes on in secret in Tibet

with covert murdering of monks and prisoners

brought into jail on mere suspicion.

The Berlin Olympics 72 years ago

were also a manifestation triumph

of successful propaganda for totalitarianism,

but then the Germans had not yet commenced

their genocide procedure, and the Moscow

failed Olympics 1980 were at least subjected

to the boycott of some 50 nations.

Now concerning China everybody knows

about the genocide that constantly goes on,

and still, not only Bush but even Sarkozy,

the momentary chairman of the European union,

which officially is democratic,

will pay homage to the genocide Olympics

for the sake of European business interests

with the greatest and most cruel of all autocracies

that nurtures Burma and its junta

and was backing up Pol Pot before Zimbabwe and Sudan.








Who shall save the world

when everything is going wrong,

the only superpower going down the bog

of economical disaster as the natural result

of warring madness failure in Iraq,

a king size caca and the worst mistake in US history

destroying universally its credibility,

while it gets into the economic clutches

of the greatest, cruellest and worst dictatorship,

the fascist state of lies called China,

spreading its colonial tentacles

all round in south east Asia and Africa,

a new colonial superpower to which USA

is falling into economic slavery.

What shall we do? What can we do?

I am afraid, that all that we can do

is to at least take care of our own freedom

and integrity as individuals,

refusing brainwash imposition and extortion;

and our hope and comfort is the fact,

that all successful revolutions start from inside

in the heart and soul; and that at least

is still in our possession and our power.



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